ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT Spot Corrector Amplifier by Amway

Category: Personal Care
HSN: 3304

Rs. 2549 Rs. 3399

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FEATURES: 》Lets you make a Personalized Serum combining botanicals and 100% phyto-infused water from Nutrilite with Artistry skincare technologies. 》The Spot Corrector Amplifier contains highly concentrated ingredients that penetrate your skin's surface to target dark spots. 》Contains Spot-Targeting Vitamin C technology 》The combined effect reduces the size of dark spots on your face. BENEFITS: Artistry Signature Select Spot Corrector Amplifier is an exclusive formulation that reduces melanin production to diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone. Its Spot-Targeting Vitamin C technology reduces the size of these dark spots to provide you with a clearer, more uniform skin tone. The Spot Corrector Amplifier contains a Spot Targeting Vitamin C Technology that makes a dark spots serum that brightens your skin tone and removes visible dark spots.

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