ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Ultra Lifting Cream by Amway

Category: Personal Care
HSN: 3304

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FEATURES: 》Provides a youthful skin tone 》Contains exclusive Micro-X6 peptide consisting of six amino acids that help repair visible skin damage BENEFITS: Artistry Youth Xtend Ultra Lifting Cream is an intensely rich cream that moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling super soft and supple. This non-comedogenic cream helps improve the skin’s clarity and Women noticed their skin looked more radiant with a youthful, rosy glow in just 1 week*. It is profoundly nourishing and melts onto the skin and relieves dryness, which makes it the face lifting cream to rejuvenate your skin. It includes the Silver Vine Plant extract, naturally sourced from Japan’s mountains, to help improve skin translucency. This sustainably-sourced lifting cream has the ability to be efficacious and strong, yet gentle on mature skin.

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