Unicity Activate - Multi Functional Tea With Garcinia, Licorice, Chi-oka

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Whether You Prefer Spicy Or Sweet, Tangy Or Fruity, Activate Is Bound To Offer You The Perfect Culmination With A Scintillating Aroma That Not Only Soothes The Senses, But Also Rejuvenates You. It's An Exclusive Combination Made Better With The Licorice Extract, Chi-Oka Matcha, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Extract, Ginger Extract And Piperine. Unicity Activate Comprises Of Licorice Extract -Beneficial For Respiratory Health, Colon And Liver Support, Acts As A Mild Laxative, Relieves Acid In Stomach, Aids In Relieving Heart Burn And Indigestion. Chi-Oka Provides A Feeling Of Well-Being, Improves Mental Alertness, Keeps You Active And Fresh With A Great Feeling Of Serenity Apart From Being An Anti-Oxidant. Green Tea Extract Is Not Allowed To Oxidize, And Hence Retains The Polyphenol Catechins And The Flavonoids Which Makes Drinking Unicity Activate A Healthy And Beneficial Option With Anti-Inflammation And Anti-Carcinogenic Properties, Optimizing Health, Anti Oxidizing With Protection Of Heart And Other Degenerative Diseases. Garcinia Supports Fat Mobilization And Boosts Metabolism. Ginger Aids In Alleviating Motion Sickness, Nausea And Vomiting Sensation. Piperine Increases The Bioavailability Of Nutrients Either Within The Product, Supplement Or Food, Aids Digestion And Is Also An Antioxidant

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